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Takeaway websites and restaurants accepting PayPal as their payment method for food. Currently we have HungryHouse.co.uk and Domino's pizza offering PayPal to pay.

HungryHouse.co.uk currently have more than 11,000 takeaway restaurants on their books. All major cards are accepted as well as cash and of course PayPal.


Domino's Pizza is doing many great deals on weekdays and collection offers on weekends. Also all major payment cards are accepted as well as Pay Pal.

Domino's Pizza

In the recent years takeaways are more likely to be ordered using mobile phone app or website with popular choice being HungryHouse.co.uk, Just-Eat.co.uk, PapaJohns.co.uk, Dominos, Pizza Hut and Deliveroo

Paying cash on delivery is always available and most likely will always be there until credit card terminals will become so cheap and available that pizza delivery guys will start carrying them around instead. For those who don't have any money in their pockets - there's always PayPal.

Most popular cities in UK

London / Manchester / Birmingham / Leeds / Bradford / Liverpool / Glasgow / Sheffield / Leicester / Bristol / Newscastle / Salford / Brighton / Cardiff / Belfast / Nottingham

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